Get onboard!

Onboarding is a hot topic in the training world. Done well, it sets up a new employee for success. Done not well, it puts a strain on the new employee, their team and everyone in between.

Here’s my latest onboarding example, an interactive accordion-inspired team introduction. You’ll find other accordion-inspired examples in the latest Articulate eLearning Challenge.


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Hello, my name is…

Personalization seems to be all the rage. Necklaces with your name, fancy initials monogrammed on pretty much everything. So of course a learner wants to see their name in an eLearning! Take a look at this interactive organizational chart with a personalized twist.

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Reality Show Squares

I’m a mom of two with a full-time career, trying to get into the freelance world. I guess you could say I’m “busy.” During rare down time, I love a good reality show. It all started back in 1992 when MTV aired, “The Real World.” I was 12. I’ve been watching reality shows for 26 years!

One of my favorite game shows of all time was Hollywood Squares. I remember watching it at my grandparents when I was in grade school.

So when I came across a recent Articulate eLearning Challenge to create a game show, it only made sense to combine two of my favorite things.

What I love about this course is the versatility. Sure, right now it’s about reality shows but this could be revamped for any topic to create an interactive and engaging employee experience.

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Simply Furever

In 2007, a dear friend asked me a question that changed my life forever, “Do you want to foster a dog?” Actually it probably was more like, “You are going to start fostering, I’ll drop off a dog tonight.” But it was a long time ago, my memory is terrible. However it happened, I’m so glad it did.

I ended up fostering and volunteering with local animal shelters until 2012, when a positive pregnancy test threw our life into a new direction. Now we have two babies (3 and 6) and I love telling them stories of our rescue days. They ask on a very regular basis when we can start fostering again.

Have you ever considered fostering? Want to learn more about it? Check out the first course I created in Articulate Rise.

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Community faces eLearning challenges.

The Articulate E-Learning Heroes Community faces eLearning challenges every week…and they slay EVERY SINGLE ONE.

Articulate is the software that a lot of us eLearning designers use to create our magic. Not only does Articulate offer products that non-software developer types like myself can use, they also support that software in a unique way. Through an online community.

Have a question about a course you are creating? Search the community and you will find you aren’t alone, someone else probably had the same question! If not, you have access to Articulate experts (referred to as Heroes cause honestly, they are) at your finger tips who can help.

One of my all-time favorite things about the community, the eLearning challenges.

Each week, “The Articulate eLearning Challenge King” posts a new eLearning challenge. The challenges have been around since 2013 and to date, they are at challenge #217! Topics vary and can be everything from refreshing an old eLearning course, to creating something completely new using skills you may not get to use in your day-to-day work. In addition to developing new skills, this is an excellent way to connect with other eLearning designers and build your portfolio.

Participating in challenges is one of my development goals for my full-time gig, it’s that important. Check out my latest challenge, Your Daily Affirmation (Mad Libs style).




New adventure

After returning from a wonderful family trip in Florida, I decided now is the time to work on my professional development. I am fresh. I am motivated! I’ve been wanting to freelance for over a year now. I love my current full-time gig so I’m not ready to give that up yet. Dipping my toes into the part-time freelancing waters…Here I go! Thanks for coming along on my new adventure.

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